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Tulsa Area USBC provides services to the bowlers in our jurisdiction and support the National Govering Body of Bowling.  By celebrating the past,  being mindful of the present, and ensuring the future, our goal is to provide a future for the sport. 

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***  Team of the Year Update

Due to current medical situation, many leagues are not completing their bowling season.  The Team of the Year this year will be based on a qualifying number of 50 games instead of the normal 63 games.  Any questions, contact the Tulsa Area USBC office.    Thank You,  Wes Thompson, Association Manager

Annual 2020 Jamboree August 15th

Time is running out to get signed up  Entry forms and more information please Check out this link.   


August 3, 2020

The Board of Directors of Tulsa Area USBC are not holding an annual meeting this year in line with the COVID-19 guidance provided by USBC.  To hold a meeting with a large amount of people in a small gathering venue places too much risk upon our attendees.

Any actions that would be taken at the annual meeting will be postponed and acted upon when it is deemed safe.  At this time a date has not been determined for this meeting or induction of our new hall of fame recipients.  We will post on Facebook and our website when determined.

To continue board operations, any board members that were up for re-election will remain in their current position until an election can be held.

No August Meeting Scheduled.